Healing Heart Herbs

I am clairvoyant, clairsentinent and clairaudient.  My mission is very clear to me. I am here to help. To serve and empower others through natural healing. The plants and animals and spirits spoke to me very early on when I was just a child. They told me things about their realms. I voraciously studied them. Then the crystals spoke up. Then the library of astrology opened my heart and my mind expanded. Then my body rejuvenated and grew through yoga. I never stop learning, teaching, healing and helping others. I am a formal graduate of The Rocky Mountain Center For Botanical Studies, Hanna Kroeger's School Of Natural Healing, Evolutionary Astrology with Jyoti Wind and The Academy Of Yoga. I have been dazzled by plants since I was born and part of my journey is to share their magic with others. As an Herbalist, I adore creating blends that help you feel and look better, teaching into the realms of plant medicines. As an Astrologer, I provide intuitive counseling to strengthen you on your journey. I offer empowerment of others through the healing arts! Blessed Be ♥

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